At Solidgate, we build a state-of-the-art fintech product that helps businesses accept payments and ensure a smooth purchase experience for their clients. One-click or recurring payments, we believe no company should struggle over those things. So we make them easy.

Where we are now:

  • A unified payments platform
  • 50+ payment methods in one suite
  • 15m+ transactions per month
  • 100+ companies went global thanks to Solidgate
  • 170% annual growth

With fintech on the rise, the future is promising. By joining Solidgate, you don’t simply join a company — you join the future.

We are looking for an awesome Product Owner who will drive our expansion by adding new payment providers to our platform. You will be responsible for all development stages from researching the specifications to launching it in production.

What you will do:

— integrating with banks and payment providers;

— organize an outstanding developing process: choosing a bank, writing technical specifications, integrations, further communication with banks;

— analysis of competitive proposals to address the needs of Solidgate partners;

— prioritizing and leading the delivery of validated solutions while working with the Engineering team and other departments in the company;

— be the driving force behind the proper tracking of projects and the continuous completion of the necessary tasks; make sure there is a source of truth for the task at hand.


— 3+ years of experience as Product Manager / Product Owner;

— experience in implementing integrations with payment providers or experience in Payments;

— strong written and verbal communication skills;

— English level — Upper-intermediate;

— know the difference between product metrics and growth metrics.

Will be an advantage:

— technical background;

— code reading skills;

— ML diagrams;

— Postman.

Feels like a perfect match already? Get in contact with us on LinkedIn:

Recruiter, Tania Baladynska / telegram

What we offer:

Great goal. We’re a forward-thinking company with a very specific goal to create the strongest fintech product on the market. And we want you to be the person behind it.

The product that inspires you. We don’t walk the beaten path, we create our own. Solidgate is a complex and innovative payments platform built from scratch, so it’s the best place to experiment, take on challenges, and create something that hasn’t existed before.

People to learn from. At Solidgate, you’ll work alongside ambitious high achievers, folks who insist on doing their best work to break new ground in fintech. Believe us, you want them around.

Make an impact. Work in a place where things constantly move — because you move them. Although Solidgate has been around for 5 years, we’re one of those companies where you can still openly discuss new features with the CEO, pitch your boldest ideas, and participate in the product life cycle.

Personal development plan. You are not just the next hire, you are the person who can make a real change. So we’ll do everything possible to help you grow professionally.

We grow fast, and as long as you stay enthusiastic and inspired — you’ll grow fast with us.

Comprehensive benefits. Flexible working hours with the ability to work remotely or in the office, free meals, medical insurance, education, and many other things that make you feel comfortable at work and outside of work.

NASA uses Perseverance to explore Mars. We use perseverance to stay on Earth and build one of the best fintech products the world has ever heard of. Are you in?